ASMG News:

- ASMG delivers Emergency Management System Interoperability Framework (EMSIF) to Public Safety Canada

- OMG Emergency Management SIG is targeting Information Exchange Framework (IEF) RFP release in December 2010

- ASMG Teams with TRSI to bring Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) to the NCR

- ASMG publishes several new whitepapers (see Whitepapers)

- The SOPES IEDM Specification Version 1 is available on the OMG site and the ASMG White Paper Page.

- ASMG Demonstrates SOPES IEDM using an adaptive policy enforcement service

- ASMG presents IEF Concepts to Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) Conference in London UK, October 26-28 2011

- ASMG presents IEF Concepts to Workshop for Information Sharing and Safeguarding Standards (WIS3), December 5, 2011

- IEF Policy Vocabulary to be expanded to address policy automation for Security, Privacy and ICAM (see whitepapers)

- ASMG appointed Special Advisor to Centre for Security Sciences on Interoperability and Open Standards

- ASMG submits the final revised submission of the Information Exchange Packaging Policy Vocabulary to OMG - 2013-05-20

- ASMG briefs IEPPV at the OMG Semantics Information Day at the Reston VA Technical Meeting, March 18-22, 2013

- ASMG submits the Initial submission for the Information Exchange Policy-based Packaging Services to OMG - 2013-05-20

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